Unified Communications

Unified Communications

Working requires solid communication, Let us help you upgrade

We provide the latest office phones, most of them for free. Tired of giving out your personal numbers to everyone? No need, we have an app for that.

Reliable Service

Paying for a service doesn't always mean it works right. With 99.999% uptime you can rest assured that we will work when you do.

What is Unified Communication?

It means team unity, product unity, and successful execution. We are an all in one provider that put’s all your needs in one place. We have software that goes on your computer that allows you to seemlessly work and keep track of voicemail, missed calls, incoming calls and even text from your office line. We have a smartphone app that allows you to receive, send, text and even swap calls on the go. Our office chat allows you and your team to quickly ask questions and stay in contact without disrupting productivity. We also have a video conference product that can share screens, present slides and unify meeting rooms and offices all over the country. What is Unified Communication? It’s having everything where you need it when you need it. 

Hosted Phones

With a 99.999% SLA you can be confident your phones are always working.

Mobile app

Sometimes we need separation from work and personal lives. This may be a need to have employees working on the road but keeping their info private, or just simply allowing an opportunity to take a breath. This app can separate the calls and texts from your mobile phone to make them come from your office number.

Video Conferencing

We have all needed or currently use some way to connect multiple people from multiple locations in one meeting. Never worry about how to do that again with our solutions.


Some areas of business are more protected than others. No matter the industry our products will fit in with your needs.


Chat with all your team in one place without disrupting productivity. Ask a question, shoot over an answer or thank someone for the work they did.

Screen Sharing

This option allows you to show your screen, or see someone else's in case of an issue with hardware, or any other issues.