Our services

IT, Accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, Human resources, policies......

What do we do? How do we answer that question? Well let’s start by saying we handle the majority of what you need but don’t have the time to focus on. For example new employee on-boarding, do you really have time for that? I mean yeah most people can do it but is that the best asset allocation? So what do we do? We free up your time.


We handle all your needs here. Payroll, bookkeeping, quarterly, yearly and everything in between.

Human Resources

Again, anyone CAN do it. Whether they are doing it right and protecting your team, and company is a different story.

IT Support

VoIP, Exchange Email, on-site support, remote support. You have a computer right? We can fix or make it better.

Legal Counsel

$65 online and you have a business! Kind of, We'll make sure you are set up correctly and we'll be by your side the rest of the way too.

Our specialization

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Legal Counsel

We feel like it's hard to pay someone when we could do the same thing. That's how you started your business anyway! Let us have a look and make sure you are set up for the long haul.

Information technology

Everything from security to fixing issues to cloud back up and solutions. If you have a computer we have a solution for you.

Human Resources

What does HR do? You've seen the news lately haven't you? We make sure that your team is protected as well as your business. It takes everyone to be successful let us make sure your compliant and your team is happy.


Everything has a price. Your business is dependent upon that. Let us help you make sure your getting the most for least amount. We have solutions in payroll, bookkeeping, tax prep, CFO, controller, and any other service that deals with finance that you may need.

We provide the best service in industry

call, text, E-Mail, walk, drive, run, ride.... you can even send a letter. However you prefer, we are ready to support you!